Sunday, January 6, 2013


 Christmas gift for Samuel. It's an eight-block family picture puzzle.

One of the eight folding block templates.

One of the six surface-photos.

Family Profile (2011)

Winter Wonderland

Mr. Darcy - Real Men Think

More to come . . . next year. :)


Anyone familiar with spirographing knows how difficult this can be. I slipped part way through the second one.

Halloween Hats

These hats topped off our flower costumes. Sam was a bee. :)

Pumpkins 2011


This is the result of some play-time with Trevor and Ashley Hinton.

We egged some folks with them afterward (meaning we left them lurking on the doorstep).

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paper, Wood, and Shadows

"Costly Apparel"

We took these pictures a while ago, but never put them up.

 These are all done with a wood-burning pen.

We thought these shadows looked cool.  Can you tell who's who?